We empower our partners to grow faster

We believe integrated solutions drive convenience, adoption and growth.

We put our partners first

Our brand is invisible because our solutions are white-labelled; our partners market them under their own brand. We've deployed integrated solutions in some of the largest commerce ecosystems in North America.


Integrated payments & software

Fiska sits at the intersection of integrated payments and software; our team has deep experience building SaaS and payments businesses.

Our core competency is integrated payments, but our vision goes beyond payments: we are building a commerce platform to make it easy for software companies to activate a range of value added solutions: from business analytics, specialized insurance, to business lending and beyond.

We serve the growing demand from leaders of software companies and their customers for ways to embed financial services and complementary solutions into business software in order to:

+ Create more convenience for end users.

+ Develop differentiated solutions for specific vertical markets.

+ Build more value for software developers and their users.

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