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API & SDK documentation

Online Payments

From hosted payment page to fully customizable integration. 

In Person Payments

Integrate modern EMV compliant payments terminals.

What you can expect

+ An easy integration supported by a transparent process.

+ Personalized support from an experienced team.

+ Developer tools including sandbox and simulators.

Our 4 step process

1. Design & Develop

We gather your requirements and desired payment workflows; guide you to the right development tools and help design your implementation and provide ongoing tech support throughout the process.

2. Test & Certify

We test and certify your integration and payment workflows to ensure they work correctly and comply with card rules; we document and help you resolve any issues we uncover prior to launch.

3. Beta & Launch

We help you execute a limited beta launch to a handful of customers to prepare you for a full scale launch. Our team monitors your beta program and supports you closely throughout.

4. Support & Expand

We help you deliver the best customer experience by providing ongoing support. We work closely with you to identify and execute against new opportunities to improve your integrated payment solutions.

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